Skills as CSR

Government of India guidelines

Under the new Companies Act, certain class of profitable entities are required to shell out at least two per cent of their three-year annual average net profit towards Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities. The ministry has also prepared an illustrative list of activities that can be classified as CSR work.

Among them, “Employment enhancing vocational skills” would be considered as a CSR activity provided that it is not part of the particular company’s business. CSR rules are applicable to companies having at least Rs. 5 crore net profit, or Rs. 1,000 crore turnover or Rs. 500 crore net worth.

JobsAcademy – Sustainable and Scalable Partnership Models

JobsAcademy an NSDC partner company can help you mobilize youth, impart livelihood skills and fill your own skills gap. With a robust mechanism to Monitor effectiveness, measure impact and create sustainable shared value. JobsAcademy’s proven expertise in capability building can partner you to fulfill both business and CSR goals.

Adopt a Batch / Course or Train and Hire PartnershipEmployability and Skill Development investment made for one candidate – can make a difference to at least 3 – 4 people in a year as we have a unique model which when an sponsored candidate gets a job he / she starts paying the installment back of the loan hence benefitting / enabling the sponsored money to be used for other deserving candidate.

Setting up of Specialized Skill Development Centre’s / Adopt a School Skill Development CentreYour Organization and JA could set up a specialized cobranded skill development and training Centre there by enabling the one time capital investment required which would be then self sustainable and would create talented pool for the industry. This Centre could also be used for training of freshers required by your company.

Affirmative action – Training for Disabled / Women / BPL / RuralIn partnership with your company we could create and run vocational training batches for the needy and marginalized. We would look at courses which has good employability linkages.

Our Value Proposition – Case Study

  • Transport Corp. of India & JobsAcademy Partnership

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