CRPThe  Certified  Recruitment  Professional (CRP)  is  a specialization  course  in  recruitment  with  integrated internship program, an essential qualification for anyone who  works,  or  wants  to  work,  in  the  fast  growing Manpower Solutions industry. It provides the theoretical & practical guidance & background knowledge needed to work in the recruitment industry more effectively, competently and with increased confidence.


Why Recruitment?

Recruitment industry is one of the fastest growing industry in market and it offers a fantastic opportunity to a fresher for fast growth prospects. Turning to a career in recruitment, specially if you want to grow fast and make money, may be one of the best decisions you could ever make.


Whats in it for you ?

    • High Growth
    • Attractive Perks
    • Incentives
    • Respect
    • Recongnition and Glamour
    • Domain Specialisation


A recruiter is a person who is engaged in the “Act of seeking prospective new employees or members for an organization”.

 Recruitment refers to the  process  of attracting, screening, and  selecting qualified people for a job. The recruitment and selection are the major function of the human resource    department and Recruitment process is the first step towards creating the competitive strength and the strategic advantage  for  the Organizations.




Growth and Exposure of the Job

A recruitment career can show you different directions when you plan to stay in the industry and grow. A recruiter can grow vertically to team handling roles like Team Leader or Manager. Also it can show you road paths for  specialist roles like Trainer, Subject Matter Expert, Account Manager,Client Relationship Manager or Business Development Manager  etc.